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DIY Rustic Wood "BEACH" Sign

Supplies Needed: Unfinished wood sign (I found this one at Dollar Tree!) White Acrylic Paint Paint Palette (or small bowl) 1” Flat Paint Brush Chalkola Acrylic Paint Markers (Taffy, Orchid, Yellow, Turquoise, Lt. Blue) Scratch Paper Pencil & Eraser Paper Towel Chalkola was so kind to send me a 20 pack of their Acrylic Paint Markers to test out. These pens are amazing! The colors are incredibly bright and the ink flows really well.  I wanted to create a project that would show off their vibrant colors so I created this wood "BEACH" sign. If you would like to try out these pens for yourself, I'm excited to offer an exclusive 10% discount when you use code MELISSAC10 at .  Instructions: We’re going to start off by painting our sign with white acrylic paint. To give it a more rustic weathered look; we’re going to use a dry brush technique. Pour a small amount of paint into your palette. Dip the tip of your brush into the paint and d